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Terms & Conditions

By subscribing to Recycling Insights you agree:

  • To not share content, provide data or subscription details from Recycling Insights to other companies, organisations or individuals who are not subscribers of Recycling Insights without permission. 
  • To fill in the form to provide pricing data with accurate information. Those who do not enter accurate information will be warned, and will then lose access to Recycling Insights. The decision of Recycling Insights Limited in this matter will be considered final.
  • That Recycling Insights Limited is in no way liable for any decision undertaken by your company, organisation or you as an individual based on the data viewed on Recycling Insights.
  • That data submitted to Recycling Insights belongs to Recycling Insights Limited and can be used for our own purposes. We will not sell or share your data with other parties. 
  • To ensure that invoices (if required) are paid within 30 days. 
  • That any legal dispute will be considered under UK law.