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What is Recycling Insights?

Recycling Insights is a platform that provides data on the recycling sector.

We provide prices, forecast prices, economic data, market insights and more to inform your trading decision making. 

Your trading expertise is enhanced by using our data.

Who is behind Recycling Insights?

Recycling Insights has been developed by a team with decades of combined experience in the recycling sector.

One of our co-founders, Paul, has been a leading journalist in the recycling industry since 2004.

While our other co-founder, Kamil, is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as recycling industry software. 

Why should I subscribe to Recycling Insights?

Recycling Insights gives you access to data that informs your trading of recyclable materials.

Whether you are trading paper, plastics, metals or glass, we have data on prices, forecast prices, economic indicators - compare prices to these and view correlations, market insights, sentiment and more.