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About us

What is Recycling Insights?

Green concept as a leaf tree on top of mountain heap of garbage with roots as an environment or conservation icon for waste management or new healthy beginning.

Our story

Recycling Insights was founded by Paul Sanderson and Kamil Karbowiak. 

Paul has been working in the recycling sector since 2004, while Kamil is an expert in artificial intelligence and data science - but he has also developed recycling software in the past. 

Our values

We want to provide data that makes your business trade better and more effectively.

You have the expertise in trading, while we know our way around data. 

Our goal is to provide recycling and waste businesses, retailers, manufacturers and local and national governments with data that helps material move in the most economically and environmentally sustainable way.

hands, the young sprout and our planet Earth

Our team

Who works for Recycling Insights?

Paul Sanderson

Paul Sanderson


Paul is an experienced journalist in the recycling sector and passionate about providing accurate and informative data.


Kamil Karbowiak


Kamil is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He developed recycling software earlier in his career.