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Get ahead of the recycling market

Recycling Insights provides AI-driven prices and price forecasts
for the recycling market

Why should you subscribe to Recycling Insights?

Maximise the value of your recyclate with accurate prices, forecast prices and daily dashboards plus much more 

Accurate Prices

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Submit data using our form, and our Artificial Intelligence dynamically works out the price of material from across the market.

No more using out-of-date prices that are based on the judgment of a journalist. Instead, use market prices that you can trust. 

Forecast Prices

Forecast prices

Our Artificial Intelligence uses millions of market and economic data points to provide forecast prices you can rely on for key grades.

Understand where the market is headed before your competitors and adjust your pricing structure to maximise opportunities. 

Daily Dashboards

Daily Dashboard

Integrate our Daily Dashboards for paper/cardboard and plastics into your workflow and be informed on latest prices, forecast prices, economic data and the news.

See FX, shipping data, and our market sentiment indicator so that when the market changes, you can rapidly change too. 

Enhance your trading expertise with data from Recycling Insights 

Recycling Insights is an AI-powered platform that provides you with the data to get ahead of the recycling market. Using your own trading expertise, underpinned by the data on Recycling Insights, gives you the confidence to make informed trading decisions.

This allows you to maximise opportunities in the market by fully understanding the trends. Our AI-powered forecast prices also gives you the tools to know where the market is headed. 

Plans and pricing

Our subscription plans are based on a monthly rolling contract - cancel or upgrade anytime. 

Small Trader


Key features
  • Daily Dashboard for either paper/cardboard or plastics
  • My Data - see the trends of the data you submit

  • My Ledger - record your transactions in our specially designed recycling and waste management ledger


  • 2 users

Professional Trader


Key features
  • Daily Dashboard for both paper/cardboard and plastics

  • Correlations and comparison of market prices and economic data

  • Analyse and manipulate data trends back to 2013

  • 5 users

Professional Plus

£400/month +1p tonne

Key features
  • Import your data and compare it to market prices and economic trends - ensure you outperform the market
  • 3-month and 1-year forecast prices
  • My Business - understand your most profitable suppliers/customers
  • 10 users

Our customers include:

How to get ahead of the recycling market

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