What is Recycling Insights?

Recycling Insights provides AI-driven prices and price forecasts for the recycling market.

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Data on recycling markets

We enhance and support the trading decisions of the global recycling market - we provide prices, forecast prices, economic indices and insights.

Forecast prices
Daily Dashboard

Daily Dashboards

Use our Daily Dashboards to get information you need that day including latest prices, forecast prices, shipping, FX, news and more.

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Accurate Prices

Submit data using our form, and our Artificial Intelligence dynamically works out the price of material from across the market.

No more using out-of-date prices that are based on the judgment of a journalist. Instead, use market prices that you can trust. 

Forecast prices

Forecast prices

Our Artificial Intelligence uses millions of market and economic data points to provide forecast prices you can rely on for key grades.

Understand where the market is headed before your competitors and adjust your pricing structure to maximise opportunities. 

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Daily Dashboards

Integrate our Daily Dashboards for paper/cardboard and plastics into your workflow and be informed on latest prices, forecast prices, economic data and the news.

See FX, shipping data, and our market sentiment indicator so that when the market changes, you can rapidly change too.